The Promise of Stardust

August 28, 2012

THE PROMISE OF STARDUST is a love story about a family torn apart by a medical crisis and the ethical dilemma of keeping a pregnant woman with no chance of recovery on life support for months in an attempt to give her unborn baby a chance.


March 21, 2012

Hello readers!

I am checking in here. Actually, this is a test run for me. (I’m a little internet shy.)

But I do promise I will start posting soon.

My favorite subject is books. What kinds of things do you like to read? What sticks with you? What’s your guilty pleasure? What makes for a satisfying ending? What makes you throw your book (or e-reader) against the wall?

Looking forward to sharing with you!

Good reading,



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"This is a gripping, thoughtful, heart-wrenching, and well-written debut that would be a great discussion vehicle for certain book groups."